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Location Photography

It's not just coming to you, it's also about getting the right images


Location photography doesn’t just mean that we’ll come to your office and take a picture of you; it opens up a vast number of options.

You may have an event for which you would like images for promotional use; a service that takes place at your customer’s office or other place of work such as a building site or factory; or perhaps your products are not easily transportable and require shooting in your warehouse. childsdesign can work with you to get the right images for your business.

Depending on the location, complexity and number on shots required, we can offer rates for half and full day shoots (multiple days may be discounted).

Half/Full Day Location Photography (4 or 8 hours)

Before the shoot

Subject to the complexity of the shoot, we may need to visit the location before the booked photography day to ensure that we have enough access and bring the correct equipment with us on the day. In some cases, we may ask you to take a few images of the working area for us (a camera phone is often acceptable for this) to give us an idea of what to expect when we arrive.

You will need to arrange for us to have access to any areas that require shooting shot, and ensure that the correct permissions and contacts are in place should any questions or problems arise when we arrive. We’ll also work with you to draw up a shoot list to make sure all the required shots are taken. Please also remember that if you are booking models they need to be there when we are shooting as we will not be held responsible for models turning up late or missing the shoot.

What happens on the day?

On the confirmed date, we’ll setup and start shooting according to our list as quickly as we can. We’ll be as discreet as possible and keep out of the way as much as we are able. It often works best for us to have a contact in your office that can help with any problems that may come up. If ’a number of shots of your staff are required, either on their own or in groups, please make sure that they know what will be required and at approximately what time. – This seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of shoots we’ve been to where the people needed for photographs were on holiday or at a different office!

What happens after the shoot?

This really depends on what we’ve agreed before, but, at the very least, we would make a suggested list of images for you to use from those shot.

If agreed, we will carry out any retouching for you, after which all the completed images will be given to you on disc, along with any out-takes that may be required for alternative shots at a later date.

Who owns the copyright?

Unless we’ve agreed otherwise, the copyright of any images taken on your behalf becomes wholly yours once we have received full payment of our invoice. Until we have full payment, the images remain with the copyright of childsdesign and may not be printed, used online or distributed without our express agreement.

Talk to us about your next project.

Email or call us to set up an appointment to discuss your next project.

We’re based in Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire and are happy to visit you to discuss your requirements if you are based locally to us.
If further afield, that’s not a problem. We can arrange a phone or skype call or even a Google hangout to see if we can help you and to gather enough information from you to give you an initial quote. If you are happy with our quote and would like to engage us to work with you, then we can arrange to meet and discuss further.

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