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Domain Names and Hosting

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You’ve thought long and hard about the name of your company and now you are ready to get your website online and attracting customers, but don’t know where to go next…

Domain names and hosting are part and parcel of the online environment. There are many websites that will sell you a hosting package with a free domain name, but you need to step back and think before you click the mouse and sign up with them.

’Of course we would like you use to childsdesign for your hosting needs, but we also want you understand that ’’all hosting packages are not the same and why before you decide who’s building your website for you.

Many cheap hosting packages have restrictions on what you can host on them and how your website will work when it’s online. The last thing you want, for example, is an-commerce website e that won’t send an email to your customer to confirm that you’ve received their order and you’ll be delivering tomorrow or, worse still, won’t allow you to take payments. It sounds extreme, but we meet these kinds of challenges every day and, because we do, we want you to know about them before you sign up for the next year. .

All of our hosting is region specific so, if you are in the UK, your website will be hosted in the UK. This doesn’t sound that important, but once you know that it will make a difference to your web rank then it starts to make a difference. Our hosting is very competitive and (you’ll like this) if there is a problem we will find out what it is at our expense. That is a much better deal than needing to go through another supplier’s helpline at £1.50 per minute and an additional charge from us for our time for being left on hold!

One last thing to keep in mind: when you are purchasing your domain name, remember that you are only renting this name for the number of years that you pay for and this can vary greatly from supplier to supplier. You also need to check that if you register the domain number with that it can be transferred to another hosting supplier if you choose and that you are not tied to their hosting. Don’t be persuaded into saving £1 a year for three years on domain names could cost you an additional £150 per year for the next three years on hosting that may not allow your website to run as it should. We’re telling you upfront as we have already seen this happen to some of our clients. Our domain names are competitive too, so tell us what you are thinking of registering and we will see what we can do for you.

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